Seven Quick Takes: Finding My Routine

Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Kelly over at This Ain’t the Lyceum!

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This week Kevin started work, and thus starts the beginning of my time home alone during the days. I’m working from home at the moment (please pray the work continues, because it is a huge blessing for our family!), which has been great…and also weird. Now that it’s just me in the house, and work doesn’t occupy every single second of my day, I feel guilty for having time to do things I wouldn’t normally get to do! Like preparing more meals from scratch, picking up crochet again, praying more, starting beginners yoga…okay, now it sounds like I don’t work at all. But I do, I promise!

[ 2 ]

Speaking of meals from scratch, I made paleo tortillas this week and they were the bomb. Because of Pinterest, I rarely utilize a physical cookbook anymore (even though I still love them), but the one exception is Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain. The recipes are so good! I fed some guests the fudge brownies I made from her book, and I received very high compliments before telling them they were grain-free. The pancake and waffle recipe – also amazing.

[ 3 ]

We’ve been continuing to plow through Gilmore Girls – season five – and finished last night. At this point, it’s just plain addicting, and I will say that it’s not always satisfying. Rory just makes so many poor life decisions! But Lorelai and Luke – love! Also, anyone else have strong reactions to the announcement of a possible additional short season for Netflix?!

[ 4 ]

I’ve picked up crocheting again (more like – trying to figure it out all over again). I’m not the best with crafty things like this, but I’m giving it the old college try. I thought I was making a scarf, but I think I’m gonna cut it short, sew the ends together and make a winter headband. Maybe I’ll post the final results…maybe.

[ 5 ]

This past Saturday we attended the NFP Dinner Dance here in Duluth. A bunch of people congregated all in favor of the free use of terms like mucus, menstruation, and fertile days. We were invited by a family in the area and had a lovely time. Good food, dancing, great conversation, and, oh yes, someone gave us a raffled off red velvet cake that is like 3x the size of my head…and I can’t eat a single bite of it. WOMP.

[ 6 ]

So what did we do? We invited a family over Monday night to eat cake…after dinner, of course. This couple and their two little girls were a delight to host – Kevin knew the husband back from his days in seminary. It’s always fun meeting great married couples that we can talk with and relate to. And their little 3 year old girl was a hoot. Like, seriously. I loved it. And with Kevin’s help throughout the week, we’re slowly getting rid of the cake.

[ 7 ]

I’ve been diffusing En-R-Gee for the past few mornings and man does it rock. It’s such a good smell and I kid you not when I say it helps me wake up and be focused when I am trying to structure my day and get things done. I am able to delve much more into my oils lately and it’s so good. 🙂

That’s about it for today! Have a lovely weekend!

6 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes: Finding My Routine

  1. Stopping in from 7 Quick Takes. I love the name of your site and what a great way to support NFP through dinner and dancing. Genius! And gorgeous pictures too! Blessings!

  2. Stopping in from Quick Takes as well. I have mixed feelings about the Gilmore Girls comeback. I loved the show and am nervous it won’t live up to my very high expectations. I am going to use it as an excuse to rewatch the series though!!

    1. Ah, I know! I don’t think I made it past Season Five when I originally watched it so the next two seasons will be interesting. I’ve heard not great things, though, about the ending, so I’ll have to re-evaluate how I feel about this when we finish!

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