time to enjoy the Christmas season

Now that the rest of the world is taking down their Christmas trees, turning off holiday music, and resolving to cut out all tasty treats, we’re just getting started. It is a true sadness to see the way our culture treats this season. Advent gets no recognition, and Christmas is limited to ONE DAY. Ugh. Lame.

It can be so hard as someone trying to live the liturgical year properly. It’s almost as if we have to go into hiding for four weeks in order to seize the meaning and depth of Advent, and then we are seen as oddballs for keeping up our Christmas tree beyond the new year. But I suppose it starts with us. Person by person. Family by family.

So merry Christmas to you all! For the next several days, we will be enjoying the octave with cozy meals, homemade desserts, our favorite Christmas movies, and lots of festive music. We will exchange gifts with one another on the solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. We will celebrate the Epiphany with a party. And our tree is staying decorated and lit either until February 2nd (the Presentation of our Lord) or it dies. Whichever comes first. 🙂



2 thoughts on “time to enjoy the Christmas season

  1. Yes, this year we are really trying to embrace the 12 day celebration and are having a lot of fun doing it and I’m excited to make my first King’s day cake.

    1. That’s great! Good luck with your King’s Day cake! Are you hiding a little treat inside it? A friend of mine did that last year for our Epiphany party.

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