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Reading // I’ve recently re-started Orthodoxy by Chesterton. For some reason, I didn’t make it through the whole thing last time (a chronic problem of mine). I partly blame Kevin because the book is SOOOOO destroyed – a sign of his big love for it. But I got past the first two chapters, which felt so foreign and uninteresting to me, and now feel like I can push through the rest. Chapter three was great. Other books I’ve been slowly making my way through (because of my hardcore reading ADD): The Two Towers (re-read), Madame Chic (fun, short, total leisure), and Liberty Defined (it’s broken up into topics, and I’ve mostly ready all the topics I wanted to read but still intend on “finishing” it).

Cooking // With the new year, I’m back into making a few staples like bone broth, water kefir, and coconut milk yogurt. Gotta take care of that gut health! I also recently bought my first bag of Cassava flour (all the rage in the paleo world right now), which is basically ground yucca root. It works much more like regular flour, as opposed to nut & seed flowers that require a totally different way of cooking. I made waffles last night, and we were both very impressed. Two thumbs up!

Baking // Besides those dang good waffles, not much else. But I intend on experimenting with Cassava flour in other types of recipes! (Obviously, only those which are grain-free, dairy-free, nut-free, egg-free, refined sugar-free…such fun.)

Watching // We discovered that Pirates of the Caribbean, which I have not seen in YEARS, was on Netflix, so naturally we watched it. We then felt compelled to watch the next two, which we located at a local record store for dirt cheap. They get progressively worse in story (we recently read that the script was being written as they were filming with no real planning involved – makes sense if you watch the movies), but do not disappoint in the entertaining action. From there, we watched some behind-the-scenes footage, which, especially for large productions like this, always fascinate me. That lead me to dabble back into the making of Lord of the Rings on the extended edition DVD’s – be still, my heart (the singular piece of work that made me want to abandon everything and move to New Zealand to work on a film – obviously).

Listening // Lord of the Rings Pandora station – Howard Shore’s score is, in my opinion, THE greatest movie score of all time. I talk Kevin’s ear off often about this so I don’t even know what to write about it…it just moves me in a way that nothing else does. I was regretting (for a hot second) changing our wedding song from Into the West (final song in Lord of the Rings) to Coldplay at the last minute, but then again…Coldplay. 🙂

Wanting // to find a good beginners yoga class in the area to use this winter! I think I’ve found a groupon that will allow me to try out different types of classes (so if the yoga ends up being a bit spiritual or whatever, I can move over to barre).

Making // I have a few shirts that need some serious TLC (one from a bleach stain, the other got small tears in the wash). So I’ve been on a journey to really learn how to take care of my clothes (not a natural skill of mine – Kevin is always torn when I offer to do laundry). I recently bought Molly’s Suds Oxygen Whitener and have since soaked some of my lights in it that had some pretty noticeable stains (coffee, concealer makeup, random stains that I was totally baffled by) and ALL of it was cleaned! The items look beautiful! Except for one poor striped shirt that we tried to fix months ago but ended up bleaching the dark stripe at the collar – so a future project I have is to try and alter the collar to a boatneck to just get rid of the stain. The other somewhat success I’ve had is fixing two small holes in a relatively new sweater after it went through the wash – with a combo of fusible bonding web & fusible interfacing (thank you, Joann’s fabric), it is minimized and should not tear further. And I shall hand wash that item, along with the rest of my sweaters, from now on. So many lessons being learned.

Traveling // Nowhere! Thank goodness! My body, while in its gut healing phase, just does not do well when I am out of routine. Reactions galore! So for the next couple of months, local exploring it is.

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