The Lifestyle Catholic: an introduction

The Lifestyle Catholic (TLC) is a pet project of mine that began in my head about a year and a half ago. The ultimate vision was/is to create a website that offers ideas & inspiration on how to integrate the transcendentals of the Catholic faith into the practicals of our daily lives. Topics would vary all the way from health insurance to supporting small Catholic businesses. I had high hopes for it, recorded ALL the ideas, even began a separate blog…and then nothing happened. Or rather, life happened. As I should have expected, my time & effort were directed elsewhere with working full-time, seeking out medical help for infertility, making lifestyle changes as I understood my body & soul to need them, and ya know, being a wife, sister, daughter, and friend.

Then I attempted to hold myself accountable by submitting this as my action plan for the Given Forum, a young women’s Catholic leadership conference in DC. After attending this amazing forum/conference/retreat in June 2016, I felt a great spark propelling me forward in this project. And then more life happened – a new job, new city, more adjustments, more health-related things, etc. Now here we are. This may not align with the grand vision I once had, but I think I owe it to both myself and to the wonderful women behind Given to see this through in whatever manner I am able.

So I invite you into this – to read, to participate, and to offer your own suggestions. May Brother Andre intercede in this small endeavor as we hope to grow and evolve into something greater!


One thought on “The Lifestyle Catholic: an introduction

  1. Wonderful idea. A resource for further incorporating our Catholic faith into daily life. As a newer Catholic, it would be so helpful to know of Catholic friendly options regarding products and services.

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