Alleluia, Alleluia

A very joyful Easter to you all! He is risen, and all is well with my soul.

This past Lent, like so many of my recent Lents, was not exactly a “successful” one (whatever that means). My personal circumstances have changed a lot in the past couple of months, and consequently, I wasn’t exactly doing as much as I had originally hoped. But as I find year after year, my heart flooded with joy at the Easter Vigil. Singing Alleluia brought tears to my eyes (as did most of the Mass). I was, and am, so grateful for this great celebration of our Lord’s resurrection. Whatever I may have thought of the previous forty days, I know that God was still tilling the soil in His own way. He was building up the hunger for the Easter season. As JPII so famously said, “we are the Easter people, and Hallelujah is our song.” That doesn’t mean that we forget the cross; quite the contrary, we live with our eyes on the cross, but with the confidence and hope in Jesus’ resurrection.

Amidst my joy for this wonderful part of the liturgical year was (and is) also a deep sorrow. As we were so unbelievably fortunate to celebrate the beautiful Paschal Triduum at our wonderful parish (that we have felt so much at home with for the past several months), there are countless Christians around the world who must worship in secret and in fear. I’m not usually great at empathizing with others that seem so distant from my present state, but God has really placed this intention on my heart. I’m horribly ashamed of all the unnecessary interventions our US government has taken upon itself in the past couple of decades (and century, really). While we are fed constant propaganda meant to garner support for terrible wars, there are so many people suffering the consequences. I am convinced that the situation would be better in the middle east were we simply not involved. I’m not saying it would be perfect by any means – there are clearly deep-seated problems. But our government’s imperialistic plans have not made life for Christians any better.

My political ramblings aside, the situation in the middle east is a frightful one. And this Easter season, I truly pray that no matter the circumstances, all Christians may be able to experience the great joy Christ calls us to. And that God would particularly bless and console those who suffer greatly for love of Him.

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