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“Therefore I have come down to rescue them from the power of the Egyptians and lead them up from that land into a good and spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey.” [Exodus 3:8]

Katie and Kevin

Sometimes I feel like the Israelites, clinging to a life that I’m familiar with and is within my comfort zone. But too often I forget that the Lord is leading us on a beautiful journey, one to the land flowing with milk & honey! So with my beloved, I seek to trust in God’s plan and follow where He calls.

Marriage is one of those callings. It’s been quite the journey: joys, sorrows, laughter, tears, and each day being more convicted in our Vocation. Our adventure started in Boston, then we left Boston and moved cross country to Duluth, Minnesota, and now we are settling into St. Paul. While we’ve been a bit transient, we believe it’s all been according to God’s plan.

The wonderful man of my life is my husband Kevin. A native Minnesotan & former seminarian who moved to the big, bad East coast to study realist art in the classical tradition. I love so much the entire person that he is, but some of the things that continuously amaze me about him is his ardent desire to learn & seek the truth, his dedication to God’s call that he communicate God’s beauty to this world, and his great ability to listen & discern amidst all the noise of our world.

You can learn more about the work he’s doing over at kevinmgearns.org! We are still laying the groundwork for much of our future, but it’s a slow build that I’m sure will lead to great fruit.


I, Katie, am the mediocre writer of our milk & honey. I’m a Pennsylvania native (Philly suburbs) who chose to go to college in Boston and hang around for a few years after before moving to the unfamiliar Midwest for a different pace of life. Some of my greatest passions are my Catholic faith, fostering community, practicing hospitality, and living the domestic life.

I write about a variety of things – faith, family, marriage, plans, infertility, natural living – really whatever is on my heart & mind. While I used to place great value on my own career, I am entirely convicted that God is calling me to advance the mission of my family, rooted in the exceptional gifts God has given my husband. At times it’s overwhelming, but St. Joseph always has my back.

Kevin & I are just two classic melancholics with a touch of sanguine. We love Catholic faith and figuring out how to integrate it into every part of our life. If you feel so inclined, please visit The Lifestyle Catholic – a section of this blog providing ideas & inspiration for how to infuse the practicals of life with some truth, beauty, and goodness. Thanks for stopping by!







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  1. Browsing your blog gives me hope for the future. Sometimes at Mass, I look around and see the disproportionate number of older people (like myself) and worry about the future of the Church. I love what you’re doing here.

  2. Hi Katie!

    I found your blog from your 7QT’s about Minnesota! I live in MN too and moved here last year, so if you ever need a support, let me know! My move wasn’t as drastic (just a one state move), but I truly hope you are getting settled in okay! 🙂 Sending prayers to you and Kevin!


    1. TURKEY?! Oh my goodness, you take the gold! Gosh, I hope YOU are adjusting and exploring! I can’t wait to read about your Turkish adventures now! Minnesota is treating me well, though, I’ll admit, it’s not home yet. But maybe one day!

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