My Long Awaited Mojito

For a few months now, I’ve had this random fantasy building inside my head. It all started when my friend Sarah and I decided we were going to become expert gardeners…

We obviously went right to Home Depot, bought all the seeds we wanted, got some pots, purchased some soil, and planted away. We both planted some tomatoes, basil, a few other things, and it was my personal dream to grow mint. Why? So I could make mojitos, obviously. My head ran away from me as I thought about the summer: I’d be newly married, living just a short distance away from Sarah, we’d have our Saturday’s together on my balcony or her porch just lounging and drinking mojitos. And apparently this was all contingent upon the successful growth of my mint.

I tried. I tried I tried I tried. I did as every pinterest post on this herb told me to do. I covered it as directed, watered it as needed, gave it sun when the time came, and NOTHING. So a couple months later, I planted it again…the same.thing.happened. After multiple frustrations with this plant that (according to everyone else in the world) is just supposed to grow like crazy and cannot even be contained , I felt like a failure.

So one Friday night after work, I was headed to Sarah’s place and decided to go to a produce stand and pickup some gathered mint and limes (knowing the Melendez household is always stashed with good rum). Her husband, Javi, indulged us and made us our mojitos. And they were delicious. But for SOME reason (me – I am the reason), it wasn’t satisfying enough because it wasn’t my mint. It felt like I had cheated.

So last weekend after mass, I took Kevin to the farmer’s market and purchased a beautiful already grown pot of mint…


Immediately after my impulse buy, we went to the grocery store and picked up a bottle of rum, some tonic water, and limes. And shortly following that excursion, Sarah and I hung out…and we enjoyed our mojitos.

Sarah the mixologist


Post Number One

I’ve come across some pretty awesome blogs in my time, and some that are so enjoyable I check back almost daily to see if there’s something new – especially Mrs. Dill over at adillightfuladventure. (I’ve been told there’s a feature that allows me to get notifications of new posts – but I like the anticipation and surprise too much.) I don’t want to place too high of expectations on my writings, but perhaps I have something unique to offer the World Wide Web that might strike some fancy. I’m not a professional writer (I somehow avoided most the classes that required writing papers in college), my husband corrects my grammar all the time, and as much as I try to keep a consistent journal…I always seem to have a 5 month gap somewhere. Even with all of that, though, maybe this will be the outlet that I give my attention to. No promises, but it’s worth a shot.

A brief summary on where I am in life at this moment…I’ve been married for one month and eleven days. I started a new job shortly before that. After the wedding, I moved in with my husband into our cozy (albeit, a bit tiny) one bedroom apartment in the Boston area. So in summary – new husband, new job, new home. So obviously that means new blog.

What can you expect to find here on this blog? Well, I like to exercise my creativity, whether it be in the kitchen, my balcony garden (sometimes struggle central), or arts & crafts. My husband and I are also pretty intent on being as frugal as possible, so maybe you’ll hear some tips & tricks on how to save money in an overpriced city. And you’ll probably just be exposed to the randoms of my/our daily life, for better or for worse.


Milk & Honey!