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These are just a few of my favorite things on the internet right now 🙂

This article: In Defense of Domesticity. There have been a bunch of fascinating articles trending related to Norwegians and their winter as of late (this is another one), and this might just be my favorite. It centers on the term “koselig” which is a beautiful word meaning a sense of coziness. Read it!

This silly article on stages of getting to see your long distance best friend. Of course I immediately emailed it to my best friends.

This post on questions to ask instead of “what do you do.” I really enjoy this. As I’ve moved a few years out of college, I’ve met a lot of people who either don’t like speaking about their jobs, are embarrassed or ashamed of their jobs, or don’t have jobs. It doesn’t occur to us that asking about work might be an insensitive or personal question. Kevin, as long as I’ve known him, has been aware of this and instead, when he meets people, likes to ask “what do you do when you’re not [insert whatever you’re doing at that moment – ie: at Church]?”

This great post from Darling Magazine has a similar message to the one above, but I just think it’s one that people really need to hear.

Now I am by no means a feminist (at least as the world would define one today), but for some reason I absolutely loved seeing the new female lead in Star Wars. This is just one take on the awesomness of Rey [Skywalker?? just kidding, who knows!].


Goodbye, 2015.

Another year. ANOTHER YEAR. It always amazes me how time flies. But at the same time…this year has been a full one and I feel ready to move on. In a good way.

It seems as if every year, for the past several years, I’ve not known what to expect looking ahead to the new year. We couldn’t have known God would lead us back to Kevin’s hometown, let alone his childhood house (we were actually both hoping New Hampshire would work out!). We suspected, but couldn’t have foreseen the great difficulty we’d have in conceiving a child, requiring medical guidance, and then not being able to sustain the pregnancy when we did achieve. We didn’t know we’d be welcoming two wonderfully adorable & perfect neices. We never would have guessed our married life in Duluth could be so good, or that we’d connect with such amazing people.

There is so much we didn’t know, and I’m glad of it. Everything happened on God’s time, and in His way. And here we are. Not free of struggle, but trying to be liberated of all fear. I look forward to the surprises this year next year will bring.

In the meantime, some of my favorite highlights of 2015:

  • Our marriage bible study in Boston with two couples who are so close to our hearts. This monthly gathering bore incredible fruit for everyone; it was an immense gift that we miss dearly. (Skype bib stud?!?!)
  • YOLMO – “You only Livingston Manor Once” – our annual YO_O trip with my best friends from college (spouses & babies invited this time) – this time in upstate New York. Lots of snow, laughter, tears, good food, and plenty of hugs. And twas the time we all met Joey – now our dear Elise’s fiance! May 6, 2016!
  • Doing my WHOLE 30! And since then learning to live, cook, and bake paleo(ish). It has transformed my life (while also increasing grocery bills).
  • Our multiple trips to Quebec! These trips are so good for our marriage, and we’re simply in love with Quebec and everything french.
  • The Brotherhood of Hope Alumni Retreat – Boston Edition. For many months, I worked part-time doing development & alumni relations with the Brotherhood of Hope at Northeastern University’s Catholic Center, and while commuting downtown in the winter two nights a week wasn’t always easy, it was a privilege and a joy to serve in this way. One of our great efforts was putting together the first alumni retreat, and it was all I hoped it would be and more.
  • Ladies day out in Boston in my last month there!
  • Our vacation in Plymouth with my family! A relaxing time with the whole gang just before departing the Northeast.
  • Our cross-country trip and seeing family & friends along the way! And Wisconsin. Gosh it was so dang pretty there.
  • And being here in Minnesota. I don’t have much to say right now, but it’s good. It is good we are here.

And my favorite posts of the year?

I hope 2015 treated you well and that this next year will be even better. 🙂



Our Christmas Letter!

We sent this letter our to friends & family with our Christmas card this year. But the blog version has links!

A blessed Advent & a merry Christmas to you all! It is from our new home near Lake Superior that we write this letter to you. When reflecting on this past year, this particular verse comes to mind:

“Consider it all joy, my brothers, when you encounter various trials, for you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. And let perseverance be perfect, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” [James 1:2-4]

It has been quite the year for us, and there has been excitement, doubt, frustration, and gratitude. But in it all, we knew God has been calling us to a deeper surrender.  When we reflect on the way God has blessed us this past year through everything, it absolutely amazes us.

Since last Christmas, we have survived Boston’s worst winter on record (woohoo!), Katie wrapped up her part-time work with the Brotherhood of Hope, Kevin finished his time at the Academy of Realist Art as both student and instructor, we made a fruitful pilgrimage to St. Joseph’s Oratory & St. Anne de Beaupre, we celebrated a beautiful first anniversary the same week we found out we were expecting, and we suffered the loss of that same child (Giovanna Raphael).

We had been discerning moving for a while and were granted some clarity. We ended our time in Boston with a wonderful Krouchick family vacation in Plymouth, MA, said hard goodbyes to the dearest of friends, and began our cross country move. We were blessed with time to see loved ones along the way, and arrived at our new home in mid-September. We’ve since also welcomed our first two beautiful nieces, Millie & Evie!

Through the recent months of transition, we have been continually called to trust in God’s goodness & mercy. While we sometimes ache for the familiarity of life out East, God has granted us immense peace that surpasses understanding. And a whole lot of joy!

We have received great welcome here in Minnesota, and our hearts are humbled by how good life is. The community has been warm & charitable, Kevin has found good work, Katie is continuing her Boston work (remotely, obviously), and despite living in the woods (according to Katie), there have been no sightings of bears/wolves/bobcats (praise God!). Just bunnies, deer, & partridges. 🙂

Only the Lord knows what this next year will bring, but we have faith and are content with today. We consider it all joy because through it all we are more united in Christ. A good year, indeed! We are praying for all of you this Christmas season (and this new year of mercy!!!)! May peace & joy reign in your lives.

In Jesus & Mary,

Katie & Kevin

November Reading

With our slower pace of life, my reading time has gone way up. Which I love! We got me a library card and I’ve been so excited! The Duluth selection of books isn’t as vast as we had at our last library, but we make do!

The Royal We by Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan

I talked about this one a bit previously in a 7QT, but my goodness this one is so good. I hadn’t read much fiction in a while, and this book is what got me started. The story is loosely based off of Kate & William, which is fine by me – I love the Royal Family. It’s of course a bit drama-filled, but what did I expect, really? For a super secular read, I’d say it was pretty harmless. Obviously, the characters have some moral flaws, but it didn’t ruin the book for me. This was an addictive read that I completed in 3 days (outside of work time). The story and the humor were on-point and I’d totally recommend this one! I had a hard time even thinking about reading another book in the week following because I wanted another just like it.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? By Mindy Kaling

Before reading this book, I didn’t know too much about Mindy Kaling except that she played Kelly on The Office. I haven’t seen anything else she’s done, to my knowledge. But I really enjoyed her book. It was a super quick and light read. I was quite impressed with her background – Massachusetts native, close-knit family, Ivy League graduate, screenwriter…I knew none of it. And she doesn’t seem like a trashy, Hollywood actress at all. She actually seems like a pretty cool person. I enjoyed how well she spoke of marriage as well as her desire to get married and have children. This book didn’t change my life or anything, but I liked it. Simple as that.

Where’d You Go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple

What a fun & different read. I had no idea what to expect with this book, and wasn’t terribly thrilled with it in the beginning – it seemed a bit odd. But it quickly peaked my interest and kept me wanting to figure out where the story was going. This book is about a wife & mother who is perpetually escaping whatever might draw her back into real life. It centers around her relationships with her daughter, her daughter’s school, and her husband. This book is full of surprises. Just when I thought I knew where it was going, it took a turn. I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I did, but that surprised me as well!

Against All Grain by Danielle Walker

Not to be confused with her other book: Against All Grain, which I also own and love. I needed to get Danielle Walker’s first book to see the recipes I missed! This girl is so good. Every recipe. Golden. I especially love her dessert section in this book – the macaroons are delicious. She also has more basic recipes, which I was stoked for. Like coconut milk yogurt – I can get it on pinterest, but I now trust this woman so much that I only want to follow her recipes.

That’s it for now. What have you been reading lately? Any good recommendations?


7QT: 7 Influential Books

For this week’s seven quick takes (linking up with Kelly at This Ain’t The Lyceum), I’d like to share 7 of the most influential books in my life. Kevin and I often make lists together and it’s kind of a way of taking inventory of where we’re at with things or maybe there’s just more to learn about the other. For this list, he likes to make very clear: it’s not your favorites but rather books that have had a profound impact on you – whatever that may mean. Anyway, I may have forgotten some (and I’m going preface saying the bible is numero uno, but not on the list below), but I think for the most part this list is pretty accurate.

[ 1 ] Harry Potter 1-7 by JK Rowling

Yes. I mean, how could this not be on here? Let’s just say middle school was not exactly my favorite time of life, and I ended up diving into this magical world in a super deep way. Honestly, these stories got me through a lot. Granted, I didn’t really know the Lord at that time, so I’m sure God would have been a better replacement. But as it was, I would turn to these books when relationships were tough or when drama was about. I think to a degree it kept me a little more innocent and distant from some things I didn’t need in my life. Also, they are just so dang good. I still go back every now and again to enjoy the sweetness of these books.

[ 2 ] Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

Jane Austen. Oh how I love her writing. I’m not sure how to explain how this book has been such a great influence. But it may just be that it’s an exceptionally well-written novel that left me feeling content and better off for having read it. I don’t often read fiction books that have characters of such depth, along with simply beautiful language. When I read a page of Jane Austen, I feel like I’ve gained something. That may not make sense, but it is what it is. 🙂

[ 3 ] Mere Christianity by CS Lewis

Really, all of CS Lewis’ writings could be on here (The Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce, Till We Have Faces, etc.), but this was the first one I read, and it was at a time when I was experiencing a great “reversion” to the faith. I was a sophomore in college and began going back to the Church for nourishment, and this book proved to be a wealth of wisdom in helping me understand certain truths better than I ever had before. I remember taking this book into confession at one point and just saying to the Priest, “with great knowledge comes great responsibility. I have way more sins to confess than I ever realized.” So thank you CS Lewis.

[ 4 ] The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey

I had to read this book for a business leadership course my senior year in college, and it is by far one of the most fruitful reads I’ve ever done for school in my life. I actually read the whole thing, way ahead of schedule (which was not super characteristic of me for class reading), and even took notes! While I doubt I integrate all seven habits into my life in the day-to-day, they certainly left a powerful impression on me. Certain chapters truly made me re-evaluate the way I live my life (at that time as a super type-A personality, always on a mission and on the go, planning like my life depends on it). Simple things like “put first things first” brought to mind Matthew 6 and seeking first the kingdom of God. It’s definitely a book I could benefit from going back to every now and then.

[ 5 ] Confessions by St. Augustine

I remember going home to PA for a two week period after graduating college. I’d soon be going back to Boston, but not to BU. I reflected on the transition I was about to experience and I honestly didn’t have a ton of confidence I was ready for it. The Catholic community I had in school was phenomenal; in just three short years, I felt like I had learned and grown more than I ever thought possible. And to be honest, I was afraid there wouldn’t be more to come after that. During those two weeks, I picked up St. Augustine’s Confessions at a used book shop, which was one of the most providential things to ever happen. The beauty of it was two-fold. First, I felt like I could connect to him on a personal level, having experienced certain intensities in my spiritual life through times of conversion/reversion. Second, I realized how naive I was to think that my learning and growing would ever stop, unless I simply decided to turn away from the faith. He showed me just a glimpse into the immeasurable depths of God, and how I can seek out truth my entire life and I still may never scratch the surface. This revelation is what pushed me forward, and still often does.

[ 6 ] Introduction to the Devout Life by St. Francis de Sales

This was another one I read the year after graduating college, and what a good time as well. As I was figuring out how my prayer life would look now that I was working full-time and trying to be involved in young adult life (not to mention dating), I could not have asked for a better guide. St. Francis de Sales just gets it. He gets it all. His words to the laity are understanding, but not demeaning. He doesn’t give us lay people an easy out because we have to live in the world, but he also wasn’t advocating for 10 hours of adoration a day. He provides detailed instruction as to how to live a devout life even with all the demands of work, relationships, home life, etc. It is an incredibly timeless read; it was written in the late 1500’s/early 1600’s, and yet everything he was saying felt applicable to my own life.

[ 7 ] True Devotion by St. Louis de Montfort

While St. Louis de Montfort can sometimes come off a bit harsh and intense depending where I am in my spiritual life, this is a book I think I will always need to re-visit as a devotional read. It has had a profound effect on my life by helping me deepen my relationship with the Blessed Mother. And in countless ways, this has shaped my spiritual life.

There it is! The books that have left a mark. Please let me know if you’ve read any of the above and feel similarly! And what books have been most influential in your own life? I want to know!


Saying “yes” to the unknown

I was speaking with a friend earlier this week about my experience of leaving my full-time job this past August. She is discerning doing the same thing, but for different reasons. I don’t pretend to have everything figured out in my life, and the big catalyst for leaving the secure job that I had was because we were moving across the country. So in a sense, the leaving work was a consequence of a bigger life event. But regardless of how or what lead me to it, it’s still a big deal.

Now, I am incredibly fortunate because in my last week at that job in Boston, my boss offered me work on contract basis. I could do it from home, here in Minnesota. So that was, and is, a great blessing. However, nothing is guaranteed, and I am well aware that this setup could end at any time. And yet I still turned down a full-time job here when I was offered about a month ago. Why in the world would I do that and how do I not freak out about the possibility of being unemployed?

A few things I’ve learned, and once again – I’m no expert, about being able to make the leap from “security” to “unknown”:

  • Know thyself. I come from a background where hard work and practicality is greatly valued. For years all I can remember is identifying the path I was on and sticking to it. There was never a time I thought to hit the pause button, and before I know it I’m 26 wondering how I ended up in this field. With each year and each job I held, things got harder. And while there were many external factors that contributed to that, the reality is I did not love what I was doing. And I was not growing as a person in the ways I wanted to grow. Realizing this was the first step in being okay with making a change.
  • Discover your passions. It’s true that not every passion is going to be lucrative. I’m still working on figuring out what it is that I can realistically do that will allow me to flourish as a person. I’ve also changed dramatically since graduating college. It’s actually been a challenge to figure out what my interests are now without bringing to mind all the things I’ve invested in over the years. Discerning truly where my heart is has been a process, but this brainstorming needs to be done.
  • Have a plan, but be flexible. When we decided to move, I had a semi-plan when the offer to continue my previous work came. Whatever I was feeling at the time, I had to be prudent. I’m not in a place where I could start my own business and thrive, so this opportunity was actually a huge gift. It still gives me flexibility to develop other passions while performing work that I’m comfortable with. Whether you’re offered an opportunity like I was, or you can find part-time work to sustain you while you make the transition, it’s a step that many people need to take in order to get where they want to be.
  • Trust, trust, trust! I definitely have moments of fear; moments of dreading what may happen next month, or even next week. But I remember that in all my time of doubt, I’ve never been let down. Things don’t always go as I had hoped, but I’ve never been left in despair. Right now I am trying to focus on the paid work I’m doing, while also working on other projects that I may want to lean more towards in the future. When I dwell on the future “what if’s”, I am completely robbed of any joy and gratitude I have for the present. “Do not worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of itself.” – Matthew 6:34

I’m still figuring out this part of my life. I don’t know everything that’s going to happen, and on what timeline. And as much as I might sometimes pine for life back in Boston, I am deeply convinced that I am doing what I ought in this moment. Not to mention, I have a loving God looking after me and a great husband supporting me along the way.

Have you ever made a decision that would mean a time of uncertainty? Have you made the leap into a new career that is life-giving for you? Tell me about it!

Collections // 4

Reading // I’ve been on a reading kick as of late and I love it. I finished Fellowship of the Ring (a classic one that’s good to re-visit!), I devoured The Royal We (a post for another time on books I’ve read, but I really just enjoyed this one so much!), I’m working my way through Theology for Beginners  by Frank Sheed for a more informative read, and now I’m also onto The Two Towers (admittedly much harder for me to push through than Fellowship). I also started this book called Where’d You Go, Bernadette – I’m having a harder time getting into it. I think coming of The Royal We spoiled me and I’m just hoping for another one like that, which this is not. But I’ll continue to give it a try!

Cooking // Still having a major stash of fresh zucchini from a friends garden, I’ve been spiralizing the heck out of them and making paleo pasta dishes. I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I do, but gosh is it tasty!

Baking // Paleo brownies! Grain-free biscuits, tortillas, & pancakes! I have been so excited with the flexibility of my schedule because I now get to create pretty much everything from scratch and it’s not a time-consuming burden.

Watching // Since Kevin and I have more of a routine these days, and it is awesome, we’ve been able to settle down for a movie here and there during super, chill, relaxing evenings (heaven!) and still have time to read and/or recreate after! We watched Star Wars (original trilogy) recently – Kevin’s gotten extremely excited over the most recent trailer (like the rest of the world). Also, I was not feeling super great one day last week and went back to the place of joy – Parks & Rec.

Listening // I’ve been really abusing my Lord of the Rings pandora station. I think I now know every possible song that could potentially play. It’s the perfect soothing music for me to have going while working, reading, or whatever.

Wanting // I walked into Target the other day to get a Starbucks beverage (I randomly found a coupon in my bag from a previous receipt for a drink, so heck yes I’ll take advantage!) and was immediately in awe of the clothing section. I feel like Target goes through seasons for me – one day I will love every item, the next I feel like it’s more for young teenage girls. But this trip was a hit. Did I get anything? Of course not. But I was being tantalized by all the beautiful winter sweaters!

Making // I recently made my first batch of kombucha! Living in a much colder climate and being stingy with our heat, it took almost a MONTH for the taste to be what I wanted. But it paid off! Delicious! I’m also trying to re-teach myself how to crochet – it’s getting better! I don’t think it’ll ever be something I’m super skilled with, but it’s a nice hobby to have.

Traveling // This past weekend, we went down to the twin cities for Borromeo weekend at St. Paul Seminary. Kevin was very excited to take me down there since it’s a tradition from his days in college sem at St. Thomas that he loved. We stayed at the major seminary in St. Paul, attended the Friday night Mass, walked in the candlelit procession, and enjoyed some adoration. The next day we went out for a lovely breakfast with our good friend, Deacon Paul, and strolled through some neighborhoods. The city was absolutely perfect. I love St. Paul and cannot wait for our next trip down there!

God’s will, free will, and Middle earth

I’ve been re-reading Lord of the Rings lately, which I’ve been loving. I read them for the first time in college, more than six years ago now. Fellowship is a great one to go back to in the fall, with Bilbo’s birthday being in September, and with so much of the book taking place in autumn. The descriptive language of the Shire and Rivendell just makes my heart sing.

Now, we all know (or should know) that Tolkien has a way with words and is a phenomenal writer. He also was a Catholic and there is truth, beauty, and goodness infused in his characters, his stories, and his themes. As I arrived at the Council of Elrond, I was struck by some beautiful speech of his. It is right after Frodo announces that he will take the ring to Mordor, and Elrond looks at him and says this:

“I think that this task is appointed for you, Frodo; and that if you do not find a way, no one will […] But it is a heavy burden. So heavy that none could lay it on another. I do not lay it on you. But if you take it freely, I will say that your choice is right.” – JRR Tolkien, Lord of the Rings

This paragraph stirred something in me. I’m no theologian, but I at least know that our God has a divine will; he has a will for my life, for your life, for the whole world. But we are free to choose as we will. Sometimes that can be confusing, right? It is true that we can choose the wrong, a path that God had not desired for us. Does that mean he cannot still work our poor efforts for good? Of course not, he is God! All things are within the realm of His divine providence – nothing is beyond him. Sometimes he intervenes, and other times he lets nature take its course. But the greatest fruits come when our wills are aligned with that of our Maker’s.

I say this because when I read those words Tolkien wrote so beautifully, I saw a teaching that can be so hard for me to comprehend, written down in an accessible dialogue between and elf and a hobbit. Is it perfect and do I now understand fully how we, as created beings, can live freely while our God has a divine will for us? Nope. But it’s a start.

Elrond tells Frodo what he thinks, and he affirms the hobbit in his willingness, but also says that he would “not lay it on” him. Frodo is free to leave, to say no, to go back to the shire, or even to stay in Rivendell. If he does, there may be consequences that affect the free people of Middle Earth, including himself, but it is still his choice.

What if Frodo had been forced to take the ring? What if the Council had all looked upon him and demanded that he make this potentially impossible & deadly journey to Mordor? I imagine that would have made it all the more difficult. I imagine Frodo’s heart would have been colder towards his companions, or his longing for the shire may have been crippling. Or he may have felt angry and kept the ring for his own use along the way. Maybe not. While Frodo knew in his heart he must be the ring-bearer, he was the one to declare it – nobody else.

Furthermore, while Elrond deems Frodo’s decision to take the ring as the right one, he understands it is not easy. He, more than most, knows what an arduous task would lie ahead of Frodo and company. It is a burden that he could not give to Frodo, but one that Frodo must choose to bear on his own. That’s when the next line caught me as well. Immediately following the previous lines, Elrond says, “And though all the mighty elf-friends of old, Hador, and Hurin, and Turin, and Beren himself were assembled together, your seat should be among them.” By choosing the good, the right, and the just, in the face of such great temptation, there is greater hope and greater reward. (And to bring it back to the Catholic faith – is Tolkein hinting at Frodo living among the Angels and Saints for his brave choice?) It is precisely because Frodo takes up this burden, or this cross, with courage and free will, that he is worthy.

I think we can all agree that Frodo’s burden was great as well as his suffering. He could have chosen otherwise, he could have let someone else try to take the ring. But it was ordered that Frodo should take it – and all people were better off because of his yes that was freely given. And was he not ultimately rewarded for his choice?


The things people don’t tell you about when you move to a new place.

A few days ago, I walked out into our sun room and noticed what looked like a ladybug. I had Kevin take it outdoors because I just don’t do insects. Call me a wimp x10, I don’t care. If I see a fly in the house, I cannot sleep until it is dead and removed. I’ve witnessed some pretty bad infestations in my day (mainly via my husband who had pretty poor luck in past apartments) so I like to take preventative measures.

Sunday was the first day we’ve really had this house to ourselves since moving here and were so excited to start decorating and making it like a home to the extent we could. It was a fairly warm day here, especially for October; the sun was shining and the temp was in the 70’s. Upon leaving Mass around 11:45am, I noticed a LOT of ladybugs…and by ladybugs, I mean “asian beetles” as I found out. They were surrounding the entrance and the cars and I instantly knew that this was not normal. We pulled into our driveway and The entire outside of the house was covered with SWARMS of these awful creatures!

We found a way inside and to our absolute dismay (because believe you me, we have had enough hoops to jump through since being here) they were all over the house. They were finding their way in through every. single. window. Instead of having the relaxing Sunday we had hoped for, we spent HOURS upon HOURS killing these evil things. And gosh, it was as if killing one made five more appear. It was awful. Hundreds and hundreds of asian beetles. In our house.

By about 5:30pm, we decided we needed to leave the house for our own sanity. We felt we had put a big enough dent in the infestation, but that the only way it would truly get better is if we thoroughly insulated the windows ourselves. So off to Home Depot we went. I don’t seem to have a history of good luck with the staff at Home Depot (at least back in Boston), and gosh…it was the same. We stood at self-checkout for 20+ minutes for a reason unbeknownst to us. But we got what we needed. Several hours later (after a date at Applebee’s because I had a gift card and needed a drink) we had insulated most of the windows, killed any remaining ones we could see, and went to bed.

Now you may be thinking “woah, what a crazy and random thing to happen!” I know I was. But no. We did a little research and it turns out that, in Minnesota, on the second warm day after a cold stint (typically in late September to early October), the Asian beetles appear all at once and try to find shelter for the winter – aka nice wooded homes. And they prefer if they are surrounded by trees. Lucky us – we just so happen to be surrounded by acres of trees.

As it was, these bugs were annoying everyone on Sunday, not just us, though I’m not quite sure everyone else had to take the same measures we did. And if nothing else, we learned that we will need to insulate this house better for winter.

While every region has their pros and cons for sure, it’s been a heck of an adjustment leaving the East Coast for this midwestern/great lake/north land landscape. For instance, people actually do carry bear maze on them when hiking (I thought it was a joke). And that every seven years there is an army worm invasion in the city for two weeks. And if you don’t get your firewood by September, you could be SOL.

Other than that, it’s a beautiful place. Really. 🙂

Friendship, love, and hats

Elise & Sarah in the BPL Courtyard.

I’m still very much catching up on a million things throughout this move & [sort of] settling process. However, there are still things I wish to share from my last few months in Boston – if only for my own enjoyment to look back on! While I wish it were a more common occurrence, there is nothing quite like getting dressed all fancy with your girlfriends and going out for a fancy afternoon (or evening, I suppose) on the town. When our dear friends Ashlie & Elise came to visit Boston just a few short weeks before I left, it was the perfect occasion to go out into the city and do something different.

Initially, Ashlie (the birthday girl) had requested afternoon tea at the Boston Public Library, but sadly we went on a day of the week in which it was not offered. However! We still got to eat a late lunch at the Courtyard Restaurant. It was a lovely time and we felt appropriately dressed for the occasion since the menus came in vintage books and the seating was deep purple velvet arm chairs. The food was good and the mocktails tasty! If you ever have a chance to visit the BPL, I highly recommend it. It’s quite the library with rooms that resemble Hogwarts and a cozy courtyard for reading and gathering.

Now for the fun photos! We are young women growing up in a digital age, so naturally we documented the occasion very well.

Ashlie & Elise in the restaurant.

Me & Ashlie in the BPL

Sarah & Elise

In the Courtyard!

My main ladies :)

Have a lovely weekend! 🙂