Three years!

Today, Kevin and I celebrate three years of marriage! It’s our octave+ of anniversaries continued. May 22nd, he asked me out. May 27th, he proposed. May 30th, we got married. June 1st was our first date. A great time of year!

What a gift it is to be married to Kevin. I recently have read a couple of articles talking about how things usually tense up by year four of marriage for a variety of reasons, and that these hardships are often the cause of so many problems and divorces by the infamous year seven. Now, I’m not naive enough to think that life going forward will always be easy. But, we’ve actually had a good deal of hardships in our first three years. We remarked the other day that we never really had a “honeymoon period,” with the exception of our actual honeymoon.

We never had that totally romanticized period where we just saw everything through a rose-colored lens. I don’t think we’ve had that since our first six months of dating. We’ve had ups and downs, and some of those downs have been darker than I ever thought we could experience. But through God’s grace, every single low has brought growth. And we’ve moved into a place of greater joy. What has always been present in our marriage is a conviction that this Vocation, this marriage we have, is God’s will and it is authentically good.

I like to think that I had a good sense of the person Kevin was back in our early days of dating. Many of those qualities that first attracted me to him are still thriving today – his wit, his wonder, his wisdom (accidental alliteration). But because I know him better, I can appreciate these qualities even more.

A good friend of mine recently commented, “you guys seem to know how to have fun together – that’s important.” By fun, he didn’t mean things like brewery tours, drinks out at a bar, concerts and shows, etc. What he was referring to, though, was doing very simple things, with laughter and smiles. And it’s true. That’s something I’ve come to realize only in the past year. We don’t have all the money in the world to do all the things, but that’s totally fine. For instance, one of our favorite pastimes is simply going for walks together. No matter what kind of state we’re in – peaceful, annoyed, giddy, melancholic – walking brings us to a good marital place. Solvitur Ambulando – it is solved by walking. The wisdom of St. Augustine.

I continue to enjoy being married to him more and more. There’s so much to be grateful for, so much to say about his character, about the fruits of our marriage. I just love him. And I’m incredibly excited for year four. I’m pretty certain t’s gonna be a good one.

Anniversary Year Two

Anniversary Year One

Two years!

Two weeks ago, on Memorial Day, Kevin and I celebrated our two year anniversary! On one hand, it seems so short and insignificant, but at the same time…long and quite significant. Our wedding really does seem like just yesterday, and yet so much has happened since May 30, 2014.


We still feel like we’re just getting started. We are longing for some sense of stability – where will we live, what kind of careers will we have, when will we be blessed with children, can we buy a home yet? Classic questions for a married couple in their twenties, I’m sure. But all very real, nonetheless!

I can say with full confidence, though, that despite the struggles that come with marriage, there is always more than enough grace to compensate because of it’s sacramental core. And I would not want to be in this with anyone other than Kevin! We have both learned a great deal about ourselves and each other in year two. Like…a lot. With so many big life things happening (cross country moves, job searches, career planning, the continued fertility adventure), it would be a shame if we didn’t come through it more self-aware AND more united in our family mission. But we have!

One profound lesson I know I am learning is that the marriage comes first. Through frustrations, uncertainty, desires, and excitement, our Vocation is at the forefront of our actions. And it is a beautiful thing! It’s not necessarily a popular perspective these days, and I’m so grateful the Lord is showing us how to live out this sacrament as he calls us to – on good & bad days alike!

I love my husband, his unique quirks, his beautiful heart, and his ardent desire to serve the Lord through our marriage. He is just the best, and I feel like I’m rediscovering that each day. That’s a gift. I trust that things will only get better from here and I look forward to year three! #gearnses2016

One year!

May 30th, 2015 – our one year anniversary! So much to say, yet how can I say it all? I can’t. To put it simply, I am blessed to have married someone so perfect for me. I literally cannot imagine spending my days and nights with anyone else. Neither Kevin nor I are perfect – we have many flaws. And even together, we have our vices. But we are pursuing holiness and happiness together. And it’s an exciting journey.

This first year has been a whirlwind. Moving into a teeny apartment. Learning to live more simply. Surviving the worst winter of Boston on record (with many days of struggle because of it). Handling multiple jobs and schooling. But it has all been blessed because of the man I’m sharing it with. And the struggles have been outdone by the joys of our first year – our Canadian Honeymoon, Thanksgiving in PA, liturgical living, Christmas in MN, our Epiphany party, growing in love through golden hour walks, building our little Nazareth, our married couples bible study, Quebec, breakfasts together, laughing through Parks & Rec, SUNDAYS, gardening trial & error, and SO MUCH MORE.

I don’t have anything truly grand to say except that I love my husband, and that love goes deeper every day. And I am grateful for all of the people we have in our lives that love and support us in our Vocation. Here’s to an ever better year two!