All About Autumn!

To anyone who knows me, it is no secret that autumn is my favorite season. I know many people lovelovelove this time of year, and it’s no wonder why. The crisp cool air, sweaters & boots (and no winter coat), apple picking, fall baking, pumpkin flavored everything, all the smells. It’s pretty much perfection. And while I normally despise the summer months, this one has been quite delightful with its cool mornings and walkable evenings. And it’s gotten me even more excited for the full outbreak of autumn. What am I most looking forward to this year? Quiet weekends with my husband! Talk about a whole new world – it feels like since we’ve been together it’s been GO GO GO. Dates all the time, social events, getting engaged, wedding planning, social events, getting married, more social events. And now, we have no planned trips (well, except for a little one-nighter trip to Albany I have for a baby shower) until Thanksgiving! We’re excited to get into a routine, have our apartment in order (finally!), and take some nice long walks around the neighborhood. Baking, obviously. I have one specific fall baking magazine that has been my absolute favorite for the past two years. I still haven’t made everything in it – I’ve been making my way through the autumn produce. Our tiny apartment should have a nice, consistent aroma for the next few months. Seasonal crafts! Sarah and I have a plan to coordinate a decor calendar so we are prepared for each season. We’ll make time for frugal & creative crafting to make our homes as homey as possible. Fall Events like apple picking, pumpkin carving, movie nights and all the like with some great people. Since we don’t have a car and we live more in the city, going to an orchard is a real treat. Getting out of the city to see the autumn beauty is the BEST. Albany in October! Sarah and I will be making this trip through Western Mass for Ashlie’s baby shower, and in addition to being thrilled we get to throw this for her with her mother-in-law, we’re pretty pumped about the beautiful stops we’ll make along the way through all the beautiful foliage. I promised a beautiful maternity photo shoot with the mama and the baby’s non-biological aunts (meaning us, the friends). Autumn in Newtown, PA Serious goodness to come.