The documentary that opened up a whole new world.

I just watched Ricki Lake’s documentary, The Business of Being Born…and WOAH.  I, for most of my life, had no clue how many options women have. I am one of five, and just assumed my own mother had five normal hospital births (one was a c-section). Well, a couple nights before my older brother’s wedding last March, all seven of us were in the car and just so happened to be talking about our birth stories (totally normal car convo). It turns out the first one she used a midwife in a hospital and preferred the midwife. I can’t recall how the second child was born, but I know for sure  that for me, the midwives were no longer allowed in the hospitals. Crazy!

Since getting married and being open to life and having pregnant friends, I’ve felt compelled to research this more in depth. I’m no wealth of knowledge, just a person astounded by what she has learned. I would hear random things about hospitals administering drugs to speed up and then slow down the natural birthing process. All the “interventions” that are utilized out of convenience, not necessity. Doctors are always talking about all the things that might happen, but seem to forget that women have been giving birth since the beginning of time! It’s as natural as it gets!

Are there women that need cesarean sections? Of course. There are emergencies. But FAR less than what the medical world represents it to be. And would I judge a woman for choosing an epidural? Absolutely not! But it’s the fact that women don’t even know what options they might have. Home birthing and midwifery are made out to be these ancient practices that are so dangerous and stupid of a choice. And that’s primarily here in the US. Why? Well, I don’t want to throw a blogging rant so if you’re interested you can watch The Business of Being Born and find out. It’s super informative and really shed light on a lot of things I was questioning.