A few of my favorite things.

It’s funny that my last post was on the joys of winter. I spoke too soon!! The past two weeks here in New England have been crazy in terms of the weather. I thought we were having a nice, mild winter and then the parade of snow storms started! Now, I’m trying to give Boston some credit…trying. I get it, it’s a super tiny & congested city, so at some point, too much snow is just too much snow. But my goodness! A two hour commute to work that should be 30 minutes?!?! It’s ridiculous. And they want to host the olympics?!?! They be mad. Bottom line: I’m over it.

It’s so easy to start feeling down in times like this when I don’t get my Vitamin D exposure, my rides to and from work are painful, and then quality time at home is limited. But I want to be happy! So I’m going to think about the things that bring me tidbits of joy!

Lattes. I will never be bashful about liking a good latte. Can I always slash ever afford one? Umm, not really. But they are delicious and they comfort me. And when my monthly spending allowance is low, I will make my own! Some good mystic monk espresso classico, frothed whole milk (or almond if it’s on hand!), tasty caramel sauce, and a dash of cinnamon! And voila – day. made.

Candles. Kevin and I are big on candles in our apartment. And when we find a super good smelling one like we did recently (it’s been in our closet for months!), we love to just let that thing burn all evening.

Soups! I’ve been making homemade soups lately – a lot less difficult that I thought – there’s just the time to cut up the veggies and then having to wash the blender afterwards. But the batches make large portions and a cozy dinner (topped with bacon and cheese when possible). We’ve done butternut squash soup, a super loose version of this cauliflower soup, and I’m hoping to try a kale & sweet potato soup this week. #lovinit

Romantic Comedies. In the past week, I’ve watched Notting Hill (oh to be back on Portobello Road!), 27 Dresses (aka a glimpse into my life), and Leap Year (if only just for the beauty of Ireland!). Thank the Lord for Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

Long socks. Gosh, I love socks so much. And I have a few pairs of thigh-high socks and I LOVE THEM. They are so comfy and awesome to wear around the apartment when I’m in pajama shorts or something. Although…I did wear a black pair to work over my tights this week hoping that nobody would notice (just had to keep making sure my dress covered them!). Nobody did 🙂

Thrive Market! I got wind of this great site from Wellness Mama and it’s essentially Amazon Prime but for natural and sustainable products. Obviously, the selection is small(ish), but my first order I got 15% off and free shipping because it was over $49. But it’s awesome because I got products that I would normally buy at Trader Joe’s or order on amazon, but in bulk and at wholesale prices! Bam. Check it out!

And then there’s the blogosphere slash podcasts. I’ve been reading so much online content and listening to some awesome interviews. In terms of podcasts, I’ve really enjoyed a couple of episodes of Fountains of Carrots, especially the one with Hallie Lord. What a great interview on marriage! Also, Wellness Mama – she is the bomb. I’ve gotten to many awesome tips from her, and listened to some great podcasts on hormonal health, fertility, and thyroid issues.

Well, that’s my Wednesday!

The little joys of winter.

Hands down, autumn is my favorite season. Spring is a close second. Both, to me, are like bursting out from under water to pure, fresh air…that’s a bit extreme, maybe. But summer weather is too much for me. I don’t like humidity and sweating. Winter isn’t awful, but looking like a marshmallow all the time does get a bit old. And my body temp is cold by default, so below freezing temperatures don’t help me.

HOWEVER, I don’t hate it. And there are little things that make this season enjoyable for me and get me through it. Besides the obvious, like Christmas and snow (in moderation), I find myself [a bit too] excited over sunny days, homemade lattes, netflix, board games, and more.


There’s something to be said for a frigid day and bright sun. Like this morning, the light through our balcony window is blinding and it’s only 10 degrees. But we’re still excited to go for a walk. Winter vitamin D. It’s hard to get sometimes, but it’s worth it when you do. And it makes the cold more bearable.

And then there’s the homemade lattes. With our remaining Macy’s and Crate and Barrel gift cards from the wedding, we got a couple little things on sale and they’ve made a little bit of difference to our weekend mornings. We bought this espresso maker and this frother. Both work so well and kick our morning caffeine up a notch. Pleasantly enjoyed while we indulge in Parks & Recreation – Netflix’s greatest gift to my life.

And finally…if being inside is our best option (which it typically is), we’re fine with just playing a board game or catching up on some reading that doesn’t happen during the week. In the nicer weather, there’s more of a pull do “do stuff.” And we love doing. We love going for walks, looking at homes, going out and getting things done. But sometimes it’s nice to have an excuse to stay in, spend a couple hours reheating my drink, or read my book with candles lit all around.

So for now, I’ll take it, January. God has made everything appropriate for its time. [Ecc 3:11]