April: all sorts of amazing

Did I once write that October was my favorite month? If so…that may still be the case…but April is a close second. Not that it’s really putting its best foot forward here…spring in Boston tends to be about 5 days and it always comes later than you think, leaving earlier than it should. But I take what I can get.

April, in and of itself, though, is just a delight. With the timing of Easter, the sun making itself known, flowers starting to blossom, gardening projects at the ready, anddd my birthday – it’s a time of renewed hope. Our lord makes all things new, and I love that the celebration of His resurrection happens at this time of the year. The Church, in all her wisdom, knows best. There is so much goodness happening and coming…

Container Gardening // We are trying our hand at balcony/container gardening for the second year (though, last year was a bit hectic since my move into the apartment didn’t happen until post-wedding in June), and we have high hopes. Last year was pretty successful for some herbs and a couple veggies. So this year we’re going to keep on with several herbs and branch out to something new (like blueberries!). Keep it simple.

Spring Cleaning // We also plan to do some serious de-cluttering. It’s tough living in a small space, because sometimes no matter how organized you are, it still feels like we own a million things (which we don’t). Still, though, we still find ourselves collecting things that need not be collected. So let the purging commence!

All the free things // For some reason, we’ve had a lot of free things thrown at us lately. The biggie – free Panera coffee for the month of April…ummm OKAY. I won’t ask questions. And there happens to be a Panera about a 12 minute walk away from our apartment. Then somehow we have four free drinks at Starbucks in addition to the gift card from my dad. Add that to a free meal from Blue Apron (a generous giveaway at Camp Patton), two restaurant gift cards, and we’re living the Easter season in a high and luxurious way.

Movement // Kevin and I recently began going on runs together about 3-4 times a week. It. Is. Lovely. Just getting fresh air and our heart rates up has been fantastic. We’ve also had the chance to get morning walks in together whilst the free coffee at Panera is a thing.

NOUS ALLONS QUEBEC // Yes, ladies & gents. We are going back to Quebec. This weekend. My heart can’t handle the excitement… 🙂

So much goodness. Lord, please magnify this time! What’s everyone else looking forward to this spring?


Reading // Consoling the Heart of Jesus by Father Michael Gaitley. An inspiring read about how we can and why we should console the heart of Jesus. It seems to fit well with where I’m at in my spiritual life right now, and it’s helping me in ways I’d never imagined.

Cooking // anything whole 30 compliant. More specifically, I’m learning to add a whole lot of variety to foods I already love, like eggs, sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, cabbage and more. I’ve also made a few sauces, dressings, and spreads that I’m quite proud of.

Watching // still Parks and Rec. I can’t get enough of this show. It just leaves me feeling so happy. Also, I’ve watched Leap Year twice since I’ve been on a rom-com kick the past couple of months. Any innocent love story that takes place in Ireland has my heart.

Wearing // the in between winter and spring clothes. Which is really just winter clothing 80% of the time, with some spring pieces mixed in. I went for a walk today and wore a light jacket with my riding boots in replacement of my winter coat and snow boots. Today was a rare gem – back to the 30’s tomorrow. This week the sun is out and the snow is melting, so praise Jesus for that.

Listening // Celtic Pandora station. This music brings me and Kevin so much joy. I could listen to this music for hours around the apartment and not get sick of it. We just want to go to Ireland!

Wanting // these moccasins from Minnetonka. I love moccasins, but I always go back and forth feeling like there’s no season for them here. It’s either precipitating or hot and humid. But I still want them!

Longing // Spring! Every little bit of sun that hits my skin is like a gift from heaven! The days are getting lighter, the sun’s making more appearances, the temperatures are slowly getting higher. I don’t want to get my hopes up too much because, as I’ve learned, winter could come back in April if it wants to. BUT I am excited nonetheless!